The Tournament

8 Kingdoms take part in Yudea’s annual summer tournament…

Each kingdom puts forth 4 of their best to compete for the title of Yudea’s Champion.

The Tournament lasts for an entire month and comprises two main stages: the knockout stages and the main event.

During the opening ceremony, the participants are split into 4 groups, with one representative from every kingdom in each group.

The Knockouts

In the first round, 4 participants are eliminated from each group, leaving 4 to move onto the next round, where another 4 are knocked out from each group. The final 8 earn the title of Yudea’s Finest and qualify for the main event.

The Main Event

The remaining 8 competitors draw ribbons and are sorted into 2 teams of 4s. While both teams compete, to succeed at this level, each representative must complete a specific task set for them. The first 4 to complete their tasks go on to the semi-finals.

The participants are paired off and compete. The winners face each other in the finals.

Whoever wins the finals is named Yudea’s Champion.

Note: As this is a live work-in-progress, details may change. Please check back for updates.