These Hands That Hold The World – eBook

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These Hands That Hold The World is a collection which deals with mortality, grief, and other matters of life.

Through a mix of poetry and prose, Okoye expresses emotions of love and loss in a simple yet vulnerable way, sharing pieces of a broken heart while whispering to the reader that they are not alone.

It is a brave polyphony of darkness and light and hope and heartache written in a language every soul understands.

Trigger warnings for self-harm, suicide, and sexual content. If you are comfortable with these topics, you will certainly appreciate this volume.

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Category:Non-fiction/ Poetry
Publisher:Chartus.X Publishing
Publication date:6 Sep. 2022
Reading age:18+
Print Length:156 pages
Dimensions:13.97 x 1.85 x 21.59 cm (Paperback),
13.97 x 2.06 x 21.59 cm (Hardcover)
eBook ISBN:978-1-915129-20-8