God Seeker: The Complete Collection – eBook

eBook Price: £4.99

“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”

– Jeremiah 29:13

God Seeker is a collection of books, carefully written to guide all who are seeking God.

Inspired by the Word of God, it contains teachings on faith, love, relationships, intimacy with God, and so much more. This book is a must-have for anyone who desires to know God on a deeper and more intimate level.

Included in this collection:

✓ Thy Will Be Done

✓ Understanding Christianity

✓ Chasing God

✓ Show Me Your Glory

✓ Why Christians Go to Church

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Product Details

Publisher:Chartus.X Publishing
Publication date:14 Jun. 2022
Reading age:13+
Print Length:352 pages
Dimensions:13.97 x 1.85 x 21.59 cm (Paperback),
13.97 x 2.06 x 21.59 cm (Hardcover)
Listening Length (audiobook):6 hours and 6 minutes
Narrator (audiobook):Claire Glover
Hardcover ISBN:978-1-915129-02-4
Paperback ISBN:978-1-915129-06-2
eBook ISBN:978-1-915129-07-9
Audiobook ISBN:978-1-915129-18-5