The Silver Quill

As some of you may know, it’s been my personal hope and dream to form a writing community (more like a guild, cos I’m a fantasy fanatic). I actually started it and called it The Silver Quill. I got a couple of members sign up, but it never really went anywhere cos I had no proper platform to work with and no real roadmap other than I wanted to share writing stuff and help other writers.

So here’s the great news: with my very own website, I now have a platform!

Oh yeah, And I also have a roadmap 👌 so The Silver Quill can now take off. I’ll be posting bi-weekly content with writing and publishing information, as well as monthly templates and other downloadables. I will share these on the Guild Hall page with the tag, “The Silver Quill,” and this will include free content until the end of the year, by which time I should be well into my MA in Creative Writing and Publishing, and can then offer premium content for Guild Members.

At that time, if you’re not already a member and would like access to the content, you can subscribe to unlock the premium information. Subscription is likely to be £4.99 per month. Though the knowledge Guild Members will receive will be worth far more than that, I still want to make it affordable for those who need it.

I’ve also created a discord chat group where we can all meet to hang out, chat, ask questions and have weekly check-ins. Myself and 4 other published authors who serve as Dons in the guild run this chat group.

I’ll be designing a fancy Guild logo and some swag if there’s enough interest😁

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