Week 28 Update

Taking part in Camp NaNo for the second time this year, and I can honestly say I’m grateful I made that decision.

For those who don’t know what it is, Camp NaNo is pretty much just a spin-off of National Novel Writing Month, a spin-off that helps and encourages writers to write frequently and engage with others. There are different gifts, discounts and prizes for completing your self-set goals. And of course, there’s the novel you wrote.

This isn’t my first time participating in Camp NaNo or NaNoWriMo, but this month has been different, and that’s because I’ve got a writing buddy. I have found another author I write with, and we feed off eachother’s energy and momentum, making it easier to stay focussed and keep writing.

At the start of this camp, I worked on finishing part 1 of a trilogy I’m working on. (Part 1 can stand on its own as a novella.) Now, at the midway mark, I’m jumping on to another project and the goal is to get to 50,000 words. Last night, I crossed 25,000, making this goal achievable if I consistently write 2,000 words a day (that’s about a chapter or so, on average). So that’s my goal for the rest of the month.

Also, regarding my previous release, the God Seeker audiobook is finally up on audible. It’s been in circulation since the release date in June, but audible tends to take it’s time reviewing files, so it’s just now become available on their platform.

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