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Title & cover reveal – Age of the Anathema 2

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May 13th 2022 – Age of the Anathema 2 title & cover reveal

September 3rd 2022 – Age of the Anathema 2 ARC sign-ups and giveaways

November 29th 2022 – Age of the Anathema 2 Release date


Age of the Anathema 2 – Title & Cover Reveal

Regan wants peace, Kayle wants freedom, Sexa wants blood… Dealing with grief and fighting to stay alive, the young Anathemas find sanctuary in the home of their Kuwaha. Then a magical brand suddenly appears on Anathemas in Sabato, and Regan… More


Morpheus tipped the contents of his pipe out the window, watching the rain of ash fall like the fine sands of his eulclear, probably to settle on some unsuspecting passer-by. Hopefully, that passer-by would be Mortimer. And hopefully, the vexatious… More

Maya Goldrys

Her tears lost themselves among the raindrops that now sank deep into the dirt ground, six feet too shallow for him to feel them. Maya smiled at the stone marker staring back at her. โ€œYou always did love the rain.โ€… More


Welcome to my brand new author website!!! Starting afresh is always daunting. I’ve been writing for years now, but having my very own author website somehow feels different. It makes the dream real, establishes my writing career in a weird… More

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